BA Palletizer


Featuring a FANUC CRX-25iA collaborative robot, the BA Palletizer is a compact, collaborative palletizing station designed to relieve manufacturers of unneeded downtime. The collaborative aspects of the palletizer allow it to run without permanent fencing, and the benefit of a standard outlet (120 VAC / 20 Amp / 60 Hz) makes it easy to move throughout the facility. The BA Palletizer platform uses fork pockets and leveling pads integrated into the base for easy transportation and setup. Other issues where the palletizer is a downtime saver include maintaining equipment, cleaning of food grade equipment, redeploying seasonal product when needs arise, and filling short run/low volume orders without interrupting main production.


Adding BA Palletizer stations have low initial cost and will show a quick return on investment. The compact BA Palletizer is easy to install and quick to program. Area scanners keep employees safe when replacing pallets.


  • FANUC CRX-25iA is an industrial robot
  • Up to 6 cycles per minute
  • Portability with reliability and flexibility
  • Save floorspace with compact design
  • Vacuum technology included
  • Quick end of arm tooling exchange
  • Permanent fencing is not required
  • Quickly see ROI with the low operating cost
  • Easy to setup with the 3D Layer Building Program
  • Try a station as a Robot as a Service (RaaS)
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