Ball-Screw Linear Stages


PRO Series industrial linear motor and ball-screw positioning stages are now offered in new sizes and with added features and significantly improved performance.

PRO-LM linear motor stages are optimized with high-precision, noncontact linear encoders. Incremental and absolute encoders are available as standard options and enable minimum incremental motion down to 5 nm and sub-micrometer repeatability. Optional HALAR factory calibration improves positioning accuracy to ±0.75 μm. Travels range from 50 to 1500 mm for standard models with speeds to 2 m/s.

Enhanced positioning specifications coupled with competitive pricing make the PRO-SL/SLE ball-screw stage series the ideal choice for both medium and high-performance applications. For applications requiring direct-metrology of the output carriage, the PRO-SLE integrates a direct linear encoder. Amplified sine, digital TTL output, and absolute encoders are available as standard options for linear feedback.


All PRO Series stages employ:

  • long-life recirculating linear guide bearing system
  • low-friction sealing solution for long life in applications such as laser machining
  • protection to prevent dirt and particulates from entering
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