B&R EC21 – Stand-alone controller


The EC21 Embedded Controller is a stand-alone CPU for switching cabinet installation. The EC21 is best suitable for distributed machine architectures. With an interface for the B&R X2X backplane already on board the EC21 can be connected to 3 different B&R I/O systems (X67 I/O, compact I/O and the new X20 system) thus allowing for maximum machine flexibility. Additionally, the EC21 offers various interfaces and is therefore capable of doing any application whether it is motion control, visualization applications via remote displays or logic control – all with a single device.

The EC21 module offers interchangeable application memory in the form of a Compact Flash card as well as a separate backup battery for the module. It is equipped with five application interfaces:
  • One RS232 interface (IF1) for programming and configuring using B&R Automation StudioTM;
  • One CAN interface (IF2) for connecting to a CAN network;
  • One Profibus DP interface (IF3) for connecting to a Profibus network;
  • One X2X Link interface (IF4);
  • One Ethernet interface (IF6) for connecting to an Ethernet Network.

In addition, a maximum of three digital inputs / outputs are provided. The digital inputs and outputs can be configured individually as input or output. Additional functions such as a counter function with direction switching or period and gate measurement are integrated.

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