Minneapolis, MN—April 29, 2009— Banner Engineering Corp. introduces the WORLD-BEAM® QS30 Clear Object Sensor, providing reliable clear object detection to solve challenging applications. The Clear Object Sensor utilizes an advanced optical design to allow the sensor to see translucent materials, ensuring dependable detection of clear targets including PET bottles and glass containers. Additionally, the optical design prevents the sensor from being tricked by specular reflections, allowing the sensor to detect optically engineered surfaces such as mirrors, LCD glass with polarizing films, and semiconductor wafers.

“Detecting clear objects is a difficult sensing challenge in many real world situations,” said Dennis Smith, Technical Marketing Engineer at Banner. “The optical design of the Clear Object Sensor controls how the emitted light strikes the reflector, and it prevents false light signals from reaching the photodetector. The stable and controlled optical path allows the sensor's microcontroller to detect small changes in the light level, so even clear objects that alter the light level only slightly will activate the sensor. It is a very sensitive and highly reliable clear object detector.”

The Clear Object Sensor is easily configurable using either the push button on the sensor or via a remote input line. The user can select from one of three switching thresholds—light, medium or dark, depending on the target's transparency level—to optimize detection and maximize sensing stability. The sensor also features an automatic compensation algorithm, which adapts the switching threshold to the sensor's environment in real time. Small changes due to dust or contamination on the sensor and reflector or small changes caused by ambient temperature shifts are filtered out by the microcontroller. These features ensure long and trouble-free sensor operation.

Applications. The WORLD-BEAM QS30 Clear Object Sensor delivers high-accuracy clear object detection in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Bottle jam detection, bottle counting, and bottle down detection
  • Food processing and packaging machines
  • Plate glass or clear web detection
  • Semiconductor wafer detection

These features of the Clear Object Sensor make it particularly useful in the above applications:

  • Reliable detection of clear, translucent, or opaque targets—including reflective surfaces
  • Rugged housing for harsh environments; rated IP67 (NEMA 6), 1200 psi washdown per NEMA PW12
  • Automatic compensation algorithm compensates for dust or contamination on the sensor or reflector and for ambient temperature changes
  • Range of 100 mm to 2 m, with a fast 0.5 millisecond response rate
  • Easy-to-read bar graph display for easy configuration and status monitoring during operation
  • Three selectable thresholds based on type of target being detected
  • Visible red emitter beam for simple alignment
  • Easy configuration via push buttons or remote wire
  • Compact worldwide standard housing, mounting versatility—30 mm threaded barrel or side-mount
  • Bright LED indicators for power and output status
  • 10 to 30V dc operation
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About Banner. Banner Engineering is the world's leading manufacturer of photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, vision sensors, electronic machine guarding systems, wireless networks, fiber optic assemblies and precision measurement systems.


• Supply Voltage and Current10 to 30V dc (10% max. ripple @ 10% duty cycle) @ 35 mA (exclusive of load) RangeLaser Polarized Retroreflective:0.2 to 18 m, range is specified using one model BRT-36X40BM retroreflector Laser Diffuse (Class 1):400 mm Laser Diffuse (Class 2):800 mm Beam Size ApertureLaser Polarized Retroreflective:Approx. 3 mm Laser Diffuse:Approx. 2 mm Supply Protection CircuitryProtected against reverse polarity, over voltage and transient voltages Output ConfigurationBipolar:One NPN (current sinking) and one PNP (current sourcing); light operate (LO) or dark operate (DO) selectable or configurable, depending on model Output Rating150 mA max. load OFF-state leakage:less than 10 µA @ 30V dc ON-State saturation voltage: • NPN:less than 1.0V @ 150 mA load • PNP:less than 2.0V @ 150 mA load • Output Protection CircuitryProtected against output short-circuit, continuous overload, transient over-voltages and false pulse on power-up Output Response Time500 microseconds Delay at Power-up1 second max.; outputs do not conduct during this time. Repeatability70 microseconds AdjustmentsLaser Polarized Retroreflective: 2 Push Buttons and Remote Wire:Push-button programming; manually adjust (+/-) cutoff; NO/NC or LO/DO and OFF-delay configuration options; and push-button lockout using remote wire Laser Diffuse: 2 Push Buttons and Remote Wire::Expert TEACH programming (two-point static and single-point static); manually adjust (+/-) cutoff; NO/NC or LO/DO and OFF-delay configuration options; and push-button lockout using remote wire Indicators8-segment Red bargraph:distance relative to cutoff point (or switch-point for Diffuse) 2 LED indicators on top:Green and Yellow • Green:power ON • Yellow:output conducting • ConstructionPC/ABS housing with acrylic lens cover Environmental RatingIP67; NEMA 6 Connections5-conductor 2 m or 9 m attached PVC cable, or 4-pin Euro-style quick-disconnect fitting. QD cables are ordered separately. Operating ConditionsTemperature:-10 to +50° C Relative humidity:90% @ 50° C (non-condensing) Vibration and Mechanical ShockAll models meet Mil. Std. 202F requirements. Method 201A (Vibration; frequency 10 to 60 Hz max., double amplitude 0.06-inch acceleration 10G). Also meets IEC 947-5-2 requirements: 30G, 11 milliseconds duration, half-sine wave.
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