Bar Code Scanners


SICK announces the launch of the CLV600 IP 69K Housing bar code scanners, which provide high read rates in challenging conditions.The IP 69K housing is completely waterproof, enabling the scanners to be used in harsh wash down environments where temperatures can reach up to 80° C. The stainless steel housing and plastic front window cover are designed to protect CLV600 series scanners from harsh chemicals and cleaning agents in food and beverage environments.

These scanners also include IP 69K cables to protect against moisture and shock.Since most common industrial interfaces are on-board the scanner, including CANopen, Ethernet TCP/IP and PROFINET, no external converters or extra hardware is required. The CLV600 scanners come pre-mounted and include variants for both line and raster, and oscillating mirror versions.


  • high read rates in challenging conditions
  • IP 69K housing is completely waterproof
  • stainless steel housing

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