Barcode Scanning Just Got Reel


The Reel wearable barcode scanner is designed to be quickly accessible via a lanyard or belt clip, making it ideal for organizations with low-frequency scanning environments such as product returns or quality control. Its customizable attachment positions ensure there is no contact with the scanned items, so it is also a perfect option for organizations that handle highly sensitive elements.


Featuring a pull-to-scan function, Reel triggers the scan engine when the highly durable 27.5-in. Aramid thread is pulled. Additionally, the wearable comes with an extra release button. Reel enables workers to quickly and easily scan items within their reach, without having to carry a heavy, bulky, conventional pistol scanner.


Reel works with all scanners of the ProGlove MARK product family.


  • Two-way attachment: Lanyard or tiltable clip
  • Durable Aramid thread with a reach close to 27 in. (70 cm )
  • Trigger: Button on the back
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