Barcode Tracking Software Suite


DSI has announced the immediate release of the CheckMate Software Suite, targeted across all industries including Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution, Bio-Tech, Finance, and the Military. The Suite integrates major functions within the organization such as work order tracking, inventory, job costing and equipment tracking (tools and capital equipment). For example, jobs can be tracked to department, task or employee; multiple jobs
many be assigned to the "Badge"; timeframes may be set for each task and reported when overdue, and labor and parts can be applied against the job, while at the same time reducing raw materials inventory and “building” finished goods.

The applications are Windows based, integrated, and very easy to use. I’m impressed with the simplicity and adaptability of your tool and equipment management system.  It’s affordable for all companies, even those with just a few employees,” stated Bill Allen, Process Control Consultant.

Cost Justification
Advantages to the Tracking Program includes: reduction of late jobs, ability to identify bottlenecks, improvement in productivity, reduction of employees
frustrations and increased customer service. “Our customers see a typical payback for the software within 3-4 months,” states Rob Freeman, V.P. Business Development.

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