Basic Sensor Line


AutomationDirect’s offering of industrial sensors now includes two series of low-cost high-performance sensors. The FB series M18 plastic DC photoelectric sensors are 18mm sensors in diffuse, polarized reflective and through-beam models with sensing distances ranging from 70mm to eight meters. All models feature M12 quick-disconnects and are available in NPN and PNP output logic configurations. FB series inductive proximity sensors are priced at $21.50.

Also added are the PB series inductive DC proximity sensors. Twelve models are available in 12mm, 18mm and 30mm sizes, with shielded and unshielded housings and sensing ranges of 2mm to 15mm. Fitted with M12 quick-disconnects, the nickel-plated brass sensors are IP67 rated and feature either NPN or PNP logic outputs. PB series sensors prices start at $13.50.


  • feature M12 quick-disconnects
  • available in NPN and PNP output logic configurations.
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