Battery and Charger System


The EnerSys® NexSys battery and charger system provides a flexible, virtually maintenance-free energy solution for small traction applications.  Unlike conventional lead-acid batteries, NexSys batteries offer increased cycling performance and high rate recharging capability, contributing to longer service life and increased machine availability.

NexSys batteries feature positive and negative plates with low impedance, high corrosion resistant thin-plate grids manufactured from pure lead in a unique process.  The NexSys battery offers high energy throughput up to 3 times the battery capacity per 24 hours, as well as an increased maintenance-free life cycle of up to 1,200 cycles at 60 percent depth of discharge (DOD).  Additionally, the batteries feature a microporous glass mat separator with high electrolyte absorption and stability to enhance cyclic capability.
“The NexSys battery and charger system provides users with a faster, more flexible power solution and recharging system for applications such as floor care/cleaning machines, pallet trucks and shuttle personnel carriers to name a few,” says Steve Spaar, director of marketing for EnerSys.  “The battery’s advanced design, combined with robust material construction, allows us to offer our customers an energy solution that conventional lead-acid batteries – gel, flooded, or standard AGM – simply can’t match.”

Complementing its virtually maintenance-free characteristics, the EnerSys® NexSys battery withstands shock and vibration while providing eco-friendly performance.  Its minimum gassing makes it ideal for use in shops, public areas and sensitive manufacturing areas.  Additionally, NexSys batteries typically occupy up to 30 percent less space than the equivalent lead calcium batteries due to the thin plate design’s high energy density properties.  NexSys batteries have a long shelf life – up to 2 years at 77°F.


  • maintenance-free energy solution
  • positive and negative plates
  • increased cycling performance
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