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C/B3500 Series of 850-w dc-dc and ac-dc converter modules and battery charger utilize industrial-grade components and feature a compact and robust 6U design to provide a highly efficient, space-saving solution for the most extreme environments including a variety of onboard (74 v dc to 110 or 24 v dc) and wayside installations (115 v ac to 12 or 24 v dc).


Highly efficient C3500 converters are available in seven standard dc input voltage ranges from 18 v dc up to 640 vc dc. ac input options are single-phase 115 v ac or 230 v ac (with or without PFC) or three-phase inputs of 3x200, 3x400 and 3x480 v ac. Single outputs are available in twelve standard ranges encompassing 5-400 v dc. All outputs are adjustable and fully regulated to 0.2% or better (load) and 0.1% (line).


Industrial applications include:

  • military
  • transportation
  • alternative energy
  • process control systems
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