Battery-Free, Absolute Sensor with Stepper Motor & Driver Package


Oriental Motor USA is pleased to introduce its latest technology for advanced positioning applications, the AZ Series 0.36-deg Battery-Free, Absolute Senor Equipped Motor and Driver package.

The AZ Series offers closed loop control, substantially reduces heat generation from the motor and incorporates a newly developed Absolute Sensor for absolute-type positioning. The new Absolute Sensor operates autonomously, without additional battery back-up or external sensors to buy. The AZ Series driver offers advanced and powerful operational programing and function control through our MEXE02 software (available as a free download). With no additional sensors, high speed return-to-home or restart without homing is possible and even common repeat move functions can be programed into the driver, saving wiring, lowering costs, increasing throughput and saving controller command functions.

The AZ Series is offered with built-in controller or pulse input type with single-phase 100-120 VAC, single-phase/three-phase 200-240 VAC or 24/48 VDC input. Round shaft motor only type or four different geared types are available as standard product, including our newest Harmonic Planetary gear (HPG) with a center shaft or flange mount. All cables are included. Packages start from $762.


Key Features:

  • NEW battery-free Absolute Sensor for absolute-type positioning
  • No external sensors required
  • Built-in Controller (Stored Data) or Pulse Input Packages
  • Substantial reduction in heat generation
  • Complete package with four types of gearhead types available

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