Battery Management System


CellTrac is an innovative battery management system which can help enhance battery performance, extend battery life, improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs. CellTrac measures current non-invasively, transfers data wirelessly and installs in about 10 minutes.

Features and benefits:

  • Identification of poor performing batteries and prevent potential equipment malfunction
  • Extension of battery life by prevention of over/undercharging and over-discharging of batteries
  • Monitoring of electrolyte level
  • Data collected: Battery ID, voltage, current, Amp Hours, battery temperature, cable temperature, electrolyte level, depth of discharge and alarms
  • Ability to download recorded data wirelessly to a PC-based application
  • PC-based software can provide reports on battery fleet performance and exceptions.


  • Prolong your battery's lifetime by preventing over and undercharging
  • Monitor each battery with ease right from your computer
  • Provide battery maintenance when it's needed, instead of on a calendar basis
  • Keep track of your battery's critical parameters so you know how your battery is performing at all times
  • Calculate the actual lifetime of your battery, and budget based on your actual needs

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