Battery-Powered Compression Tools Speed Wire Rope Splicing


Nicopress® Products has introduced a series of three lithium ion battery-powered tools for splicing wire rope with Nicopress sleeves and dies. All three models provide operator convenience and speed while their compact size permits use in confined areas where traditional compression tools cannot easily be used for wire rope splicing.
The Nicopress Model 5506 swaging tool offers versatility previously unavailable in powered crimping. Its one handed operation allows the user to align and swage (crimp) sleeves easily without additional assistance. This feature permits solo operation in a personal lift without the awkward gymnastics experienced with non-powered crimping tools. The tool is lightweight (7 lbs. with battery) and slim (approximately 2.5" wide.) It can accommodate wire rope from 3/64" through 5/16". When a predetermined pressure is reached, the tool has an audible release. Crimp cycle time is less than 6 seconds and crimping jaws can be opened in mid-cycle to adjust the connection. Battery provides approximately 250 crimps per charge and can be re-charged in less than an hour.
The Nicopress Model 5612 is specifically designed for single-handed overhead applications.


• Weight: 6.75 lbs. with Battery • Dimensions: 20.5" L x 4" H x 2.5" W • Wire Rope Sizes: 3/64" thru 5/16"
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