Battery-Powered Vacuum


M18 Compact Vacuum is reportedly the most powerful and adaptable hand-held cleanup tool in its class. Its high performance motor offers best-in-class suction for cleanup of a variety of materials such as drywall dust, wood and metal shavings, and other common jobsite debris.


Through use of attachments, trigger lock on feature, and the unique hand-held design, users can use the vacuum in multiple orientations to clean in a wide range of environments and situations including floors, confided spaces, and more – essentially allowing the vacuum to easily adapt from hand-held to stationary cleaning. A clear view and easy to empty canister provides added convenience.



  • Air Volume                    40 cfm
  • Inlet Diameter                1-1/4 in.
  • Canister Volume            36 oz
  • Filter:                            Removable HEPA
  • Weight                          4.3 lb
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