Bearingless Digital Torquemeters Install Without Critical Constraints


S. Himmelstein and Company introduces the MCRT® 86000V and 87000V Series Bearingless Digital Torquemeters which offer exceptional installation latitude.  They tolerate rotor to stator misalignments of 1 inch axially and 0.3 inches radially.  Additionally, their antennae are immune to metal components positioned as close as one-tenth of an inch.

These new Torquemeters offer 0.05% accuracies, mechanical overload ratings of 400%, and 300% electrical overrange.  Such characteristics eliminate the need to compromise accuracy for safety when instrumenting diesel or other drives with high peak to average torque ratios.

Full scale ranges from 50 N-m to 10,000 N-m are available. An NIST traceable calibration performed in S. Himmelstein’s NVLAP accredited lab (Lab Code 200487-0) is supplied with each unit.  Analog, frequency and digital outputs are standard.    These models have exceptional immunity to EMI noise, ISM emitters, and closely spaced similar Torquemeters.  They are rated for use with variable frequency drives.


• Torque Range Factory Set @ Transducer Full Scale Torque. Field Resettable to any lower value • Units of Measure User may select from lbf-in, lbf-ft, ozf-in, ozf-ft, N-m, kN-m, N-cm, kgf-m, kgf-cm, gf-cm without re-calibration • Accuracy2 <±0.05 (End Point, % of Range) • Zero Drift <±0.001 • Span Drift <±0.001 • Rotational Effects #±0.01 • MCRT® 87000V Full Scale Torque3 Default is ±5V with 300% overrange (±15V). User may select ±10V with 50% overrange (±15V). Caution: see Note 7.
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