Beckhoff Automation Announces New TwinCAT 2.10 Software


TwinCAT 2.10 has functions for scanning hardware connected to systems via high speed, deterministic EtherCAT from Beckhoff as well as Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet, SERCOS, real time Ethernet and Lightbus. In addition to the ability to quickly scan networks and find devices, TwinCAT 2.10 provides faster and easier diagnostics by comparing networks to system configurations and identifying what hardware is physically present.

TwinCAT has always been able to support multiple fieldbus networks simultaneously and can synchronize multiple deterministic networks together. For example, drives on SERCOS can be synchronized to drives on Beckhoff’s fiber optic fieldbus, Lightbus for camming and coordinated motion control. Beckhoff has now added similar support for EtherCAT-networked devices. With this addition, high-speed EtherCAT devices can be added to systems while continuing to use other fieldbuses and I/O devices. For example, SERCOS drives running a 2ms update rate can be synchronized to EtherCAT drives running a 250 µs update rate.

TwinCAT 2.10 has the ability to set different update rates for different drives. Some drives require the torque, velocity and position control loops to be closed inside the PC and a new torque command issued every 50 to 125 ms. Other drives on the network may only need to have their target positions updated every 2 ms and the drive will internally close the position, velocity and torque loops. In the past, all drive control loops were run at the fastest rate required, while with TwinCAT 2.10, the CPU is no longer burdened because it only runs control loops as often as is necessary.

TwinCAT 2.10 also provides fully functional programming of remote target systems for easier programming of Beckhoff BC, BX, CX and PC controllers. Communication can be set up via TCP/IP, HTTP and serial connections.
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