KNUTH Machine Tools USA, a leading manufacturer of machine tool equipment, introduces the KB Series, bed-type milling machines. These affordable,high capacity, milling machines come equipped with large beds and wide columns
making this the perfect choice for handling large part and machining projects. The Knuth KB Series design provides increased stability, low vibration and improved precision at extremely high-table load. Enhanced by a rigid, heavy-duty cast-iron frame
with exceptionally wide, solid, rectangular guideways, the KB 1400 provides consistent
milling accuracy on a variety of materials. Equipped with a standard 3-axis position indicator to meet almost every angular requirement, the KB Series features a cutter head
which swivels up to 30°. Increased productivity and quality surface finish results from a maximum 10 horsepower along with infinitely variable speed adjustments from 40 to 1800 RPM and an infinitely variable X-Axis feed.With a maximum height adjustment up to 65 inches per minute and a travel area up to 59 inches in the X axis, 28 inches in the Y axis and 28 inches in the Z axis, Knuth’s KB Series is available with rapid feeds up to 140 inches per minutes at the X ; Y axis and 70 inches per minute at the Z axis. Ranging in price from $17,900 to $75,500, the KB Series standard equipment includes a coolant system, central lubrication, halogen work lamp and operator manual.
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