Beginner 3D Printer


A few years ago, China started a massive initiative to getting 3D printers in every one of its 400,000 elementary schools, so it's no surprise a Chinese company — using an open sourced MakerBot design— constructed a beginner's 3D printer that even pros would love. The X-one 3D printer printer has sturdy metal frame and weighs 42 lb., so it's tough, but is also really easy to use. It also supports Simplify3D to quickly turn any digital 3D file into an accurate physical model.


  • X-one2 is complete set 3d printer, simple unboxing operation,It will not cost more than 1 hour from unboxing to printing.
  • Double layer metal with spray paint technology makes the 3d printer strong enough and printing process more stable.
  • 6mm CNC machined aluminum alloy platform build is more flat and it is not easy to deformation.
  • It achieves heating function,support printing ABS,PLA filament.
  • The 3.5 inch touch screen makes the operation more simple.
  • MK10 nozzle,10mm rod,mean well switching power supply,high quality motor, These main parts build x-one2 as high quality 3d printer which is less than 500USD.

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Great printer, reliable and with great factory support. You cannot go wrong.