Belted Accuzone™ Accumulation Conveyor


(Cincinnati, OH, USA) FKI Logistex®, a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, introduces the new belted Accuzone™ accumulation conveyor. The belted Accuzone system adds to the long-established lineup of FKI Logistex 24-volt Accuzone conveyors, allowing for zero-pressure and true-zero-contact accumulation while providing superior item control.

The new belted Accuzone technology will accumulate products at more than a 15-degree pitch, enabling easy accumulation on inclines and declines. By combining belted technology with the proven Accuzone conveyor system, the new belted system provides a solution for dependably handling products that would typically be difficult to handle on a standard roller conveyor, since items can reliably start and stop, and sliding is eliminated.

The belted Accuzone system allows for conveying rates of up to 30 cartons per minute and carton weights of up to 75 pounds in flat zones. Its ability to accumulate on inclines and declines allows seamless integration with traditional single-level Accuzone or other 24-volt conveyor systems, while maintaining Accuzone's inherent ability to accumulate and singulate in a well-controlled manner.

Setup and control for the belted Accuzone system is easier and significantly less time-consuming than for traditional belted conveyor systems. Traditional belt conveyors and inclines require a high-voltage panel and power drop, while Accuzone belted technology requires only a 110-volt power source. Belted Accuzone conveyor modules add to the complete set of FKI Logistex 24-volt conveyor systems.


• Capable of speeds exceeding - 250 ft/min
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