Benchtop Precision Temperature Forcing System is Compact and Versatile


Thermonics, Inc. announces the T-2650BV Precision Temperature Forcing System (PTFS) for electronic component testing. The T-2650BV is a true portable benchtop unit, and offers the convenience of portability as well as the ability to operate in environments that may be too space restricted for full-sized units, such as offices or cramped production environments.

With a temperature range of -60°C to 200°C and an airflow rate of 300 SCFH, the T-2650BV does not sacrifice performance for portability and size. The system features the same high-performance software found in Thermonics’ full-sized PTFS to ensure the most accurate temperatures and measurements available. The T-2650BV also has the ability to be run in several different operational modes to conserve power during test situations where certain system features may not be required. A cohesive unit, the T-2650BV features an integrated support arm and thermal test head.

“The T-2650BV system is the only true benchtop unit out there,” says Jim Kufis, president and CEO of Test Enterprises, Thermonics’ parent company. “By offering our customers a small system featuring the same capabilities as larger systems, we can provide companies who have space restrictions the perfect solution for their temperature testing requirements.”
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