Berylium-Free High Conductivity Core Pins for Plastics Molding


BFP Type High Conductivity Core Pins are a line of high-performance, beryllium-free, copper-based alloy core pins for high-volume, high-heat plastics molding applications. They are made from C-18000 Beryllium Free copper based alloy featuring 95-98 Rockwell B (20-25 Rockwell C) hardness. Providing 10X better heat conductivity than steel and 2X better conductivity than beryllium copper pins, they resist thermal stress, wear, and abrasion making them ideal for high volume plastics injection molding.


Available in 16 standard pin diameters from 3/32 to 3/4 in. in 3, 6, 14, and 20-in. lengths (2.38 to 19.05 mm in 76.2, 152.4, 355.6, and 508-mm lengths), the pins are also offered as specials machined to customer requirements. Uniform temperatures throughout these high-performance core pins and their low adhesion characteristics help reduce part damage during the part ejection process.


 +.001 in.
 -.000 in.
 + .000 in.
 - .010 in.
 +.000 in.
 - .002 in.
 + .375 in.
 - .000 in.
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