Best Eutectic Die-Attach Method for MMICs


Titled “Eutectic Die-Attach of GaN and GaAs MMICs”, this tech brief describes the latest in RF/microwave GaN and GaAs MMIC circuit chips (die) and how they are providing higher power levels than previous solid-state technologies. These new-generation devices require incredible precision and consistency throughout the die-attach and microwave assembly process to ensure that the thermal flux from these devices is efficiently conducted to the heat spreaders and away from the transistor-gate regions.


The Tech Brief reviews the many challenges (often related to metal-quality and thickness) needing to be overcome when developing a repeatable eutectic die-attach process, including avoiding contamination, ensuring the quality of the pickup collets, and balancing efficiency and accuracy during screening procedures. The brief also details the key factors in determining if a eutectic die-attach process is sophisticated enough to serve the mission-critical applications of today’s aerospace, military, Satcom, and telecommunications applications.


SemiGen is a trusted manufacturing partner that has aided many customers in developing these precision eutectic die-attach processes. The result is repeatable ultra-reliable die-attach for their devices that are routinely deployed in critical, hi-rel land, sea, air, and space missions around the globe.

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