BestCode's Series 8 Continuous Ink Jet Printers


The BestCode Series 8 industrial marking and coding systems print best by, lot code, sell by, expiration codes and other identifying marks and codes on industrial and consumer goods to ensure product traceability. The systems print high speed, non-contact, instantly dry marks and codes on a wide range of substrates, including plastic, glass, paper and more.

BestCode offers a complete range of marking and coding solutions (50+ model configurations) — entry level affordable options through mid-range capabilities and high end, specialized engineered solutions focusing on the highest speed, most sophisticated applications.

Specialized solution systems include High Speed and Super High Speed options for print applications in excess of 1700 feet per minute (8.6 meters per second) for the highest speed bottling/canning and wire/cable applications. A broad range of inks is available to meet the demands of any industrial printing application.


Print Capabilities:

  • White pigment/opaque inks for dark-colored substrates
  • Food grade options for direct to food printing
  • Micro printing for high-resolution and micro/small-character applications
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