Beveler Kit


Kit fits on the Millhog Dictator pipe beveling machine to rapidly and cleanly remove injection molded polypropylene (IMPP) insulation from pipe in preparation for welding.


Featuring a series of blades that peel the IMPP back up to 12 in. from the face of the pipe, the angle of bevel for the insulation is 60 degrees which improves adhesion during reapplication of the polypropylene coating.


The Dictator is also suited for dry-cutting stainless steel and super duplex piping systems. 


Specifications for the IMPP Removal Kit:

  • Handles pipe from 4.5 in. ID to 18 in. OD
  • Suitable for pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric power, it produces 4,100 ft-lb of torque
  • Performs end preps from 30 to 37.5 deg
  • Peels IMPP back up to 12 in. from face of pipe
  • Angle of bevel for insulation is 60 deg
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