Bidirectional Controller Performs Buck & Boost Power Conversions


Industry’s first 6-phase bidirectional PWM controller is designed to perform buck and boost power conversions between 12and 48-v automotive buses.


A single automotive-grade ISL78226 delivers up to 3.75 kw at greater than 95% conversion efficiency, and is able to interleave in a modular master/slave architecture to deliver higher power.


This innovative design allows engineers to support the rapid adoption of 48V hybrid powertrains that provide improved emissions and better fuel economy for internal combustion engine/electric mild hybrids.


Key Features and Specifications of ISL78226
·   6-phase bidirectional synchronous 12-48 v controller regulates voltage and current
·   Master/slave architecture supports up to four ICs in parallel
·   Average phase-to-phase current balancing, and average current output with +/- 1.5% accuracy
·   Cycle-by-cycle peak current limiting, negative current limiting, and digitally programmable average current limit
·   Analog/digital control of output voltage
·   Selectable phase-dropping and diode emulation for light load efficiency improvement
·   Phase dropping enabled with companion ISL78420 FET driver family featuring tri-level input
·   Programmable automatic driver bootstrap capacitor refresh pulses
·   Supply and clock redundancy for functional safety
·   Comprehensive protection with selectable hiccup or latch-off fault responses, and digitally programmable warning and fault thresholds
·   Dual-output flyback controller and 200-ma adjustable output linear regulator
·   AEC-Q100 Grade-1 qualified for operation from –40°C to +125°C

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