Binks Comet 3-B Outfits


COMPLETE SYSTEM FOR QUALITY FINISHING FOR WOOD AND METAL APPLICATIONS Meets High-Production Demands for Today's Modern Coating Materials

March, 2006, Glendale Heights - Binks Comet 3-B Outfits offer a complete system for dependable, quality finishing for wood and metal applications. They are designed to meet the demand for high-volume single- or multi-gun spraying setups used in applications including wood cabinets, doors and windows, metal fabrication, wood furniture, manufacturing of custom wood products, and are compatible with today's modern coating materials. Included in the Binks 3-B pump outfit:
  • dependable Comet air motor
  • time-tested "B" fluid section with all stainless steel wetted components
  • fluid pressure relief valve
  • an AA-1500 or Airless 1 spray gun
  • siphon kit and fluid and air hoses.

The Comet 3-B offers rugged construction for durability, longer life with less maintenance, and less downtime due to motor failures. The relief valve adds an additional safety feature and reduces clean-up time. These product features result in less maintenance and downtime, longer wear part service life, and a better finishing result with less waste. Binks pioneered the development of liquid spray finishing technology over 100 years ago and continues to set the standards for industrial spray finishing.


# Ratio: 18:1 # Pressure: 1500 psi # Delivery: 1.0 gpm # Includes the AA 1500 air assist airless gun
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