Bio-Fuel and Diesel Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe


The Sensor Connection introduces the EGT Diesel Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor featuring an enclosed foul proof probe tip that permits operation in bio-fuel and diesel engine applications. Manufactured in the U.S. from Inconel and 316SS, this type K thermocouple can withstand extreme conditions, making it ideal for use in R&D and testing as well as in various applications within the agricultural, marine, automotive/racing industries (truck engine management systems, LNP injection systems).  These high-temperature sensors are the choice for professional racing teams, OEMs and R&D test labs.

The EGT Diesel Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor is capable of surviving extreme vibration and heat up to 1200 degrees C. The foul-proof sensing tip is recommended for EGT temperature measurements of sulfuric fuels such as diesel and bio-fuels. Measuring 0.187" in diameter (4.75 mm), the EGT probe will fit most diesel engine exhaust systems from 0.750” (19 mm) to 4.0” (100 mm) in diameter with nominal installation modifications. A 90-degree bend to the probe accommodates tight-spaced mounting locations. An adjustable (316 Stainless Steel) 1/8" NPT compression fitting adapter is included.

The EGT probe cable, over-braided in stainless steel for heavy-duty abrasion resistance, extends 6 feet (2 meters) in length.  Signal wires are Teflon insulated to ensure reliable and consistent high temperature measurement in the most extreme operating conditions. 


• Type K Thermocouple • 0°F to 2200°F range (-17°C to 1200°C) • Special Limits of Error (+/- 0.4% of reading) • Inconel 600 sheathing for longevity at high temperatures • Stainless steel over-braid with Teflon™ insulated conductors • Response time (1500 milliseconds)
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