Biodegradable, Biobased Rust Preventative


The automotive industry faces difficult challenges in fighting the effects of corrosion both in economic loss and environmental safety.

To help in this battle, corrosion research chemists at Cortec Laboratories have developed an advanced rust preventative to preserve transmissions and their components during storage and shipment.

BioCorr ATF Rust Preventative is an emulsion rust preventative that combines film-forming additives with Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI).

BioCorr ATF Rust Preventative provides multi-metal protection and is an excellent environmentally sound alternative to petroleum derived products. This formulation can provide protection for up to two years of indoor storage, or during shipments when combined with VpCI packaging materials.

Unlike rust preventative oils this product leaves a dry film on the surface of the metal that is virtually undetectable. This feature helps to create a clean workplace and prevents material waste. BioCorr ATF Rust Preventative is VOC free and the formulation is biodegradable; eliminating expensive disposal costs associated with oils.

The ultra thin, dry protective layer of BioCorr ATF does not change tolerances of precisely machined metal surfaces, thus allowing robot assembly without cleaning. It is compatible with engine and transmission lubricants as well as nonmetallic gaskets, seals, elastomers, and plastics.

BioCorr ATF is a ready-to-use product and can be applied by dipping or spraying. It can be used for biodegradable preservation of transmissions and their components, as a temporary coating for storage and shipment, and for protection of pipes, flanges, gears, cast iron, sheets, and coils.


  • Provides excellent multi-metal corrosion protection
  • Combines film-forming additives with VpCI
  • Displaces water and oil from metal surfaces
  • Forms an invisible dry to touch film
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Replaces hazardous mineral oils and flammable solvents
  • VOC free
  • Contains no chlorinated compounds, chromates, or nitrites
  • Ready-to-use 
  • Formulated with renewable raw materials, and doesn’t contain mineral oil


  • Packaging: 5-gallon (19 liter) pails, 55-gallon (208 liter) drums, liquid totes, and bulk.
  • Standards: ASTM D 1748
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