Visitors to the BioFit website ( can use the Build Your Own Chair Configurator to assemble chairs that meet their specific needs. Customers can see how different chair components and options would look and perform in their particular applications. After a new chair is configured online, a customer can email the result to BioFit for a price quote within one working day.

The Build Your Own Chair Configurator covers hundreds of ergonomic chairs available in BioFit’s Ship Now! quick-ship program. Customers can select an upholstery material or urethane for the seat and backrest, the type of chair base, the seat-height adjustment range, and a performance package if required for a high-tech application. Basic chair models also can be customized with a choice of backrests, seats, armrests, ergonomic controls, footrings, casters or glides, and metal finishes.

BioFit’s modular construction enables chairs to be manufactured as designed with the Build Your Own Chair Configurator. Modular construction provides the ability to interchange parts, add options and customize basic models to fit specific needs.

The BioFit Build Your Own Chair Configurator can be used to design seating for the plant floor and other in-plant applications as well as for offices and meeting rooms, laboratories, clean rooms, static-control settings and school applications. The chairs are backed by BioFit’s 13-Year, 24/7 Sure-Seat Warranty.

In the quick-ship program, a customer can order up to 15 Ship Now! chairs per day. BioFit ships within two working days (after credit approval). If BioFit does not fulfill this commitment, the company pays the freight on its carrier of choice.

BioFit Engineered Products, located outside of Bowling Green, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of rugged and dependable ergonomic seating. BioFit also manufactures a convertible bench/table system, mobile easy-to-fold tables in six shapes, as well as a patented 10-seat oval cafeteria table and other cafeteria tables with attached seating.
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