Bird-OFF Clear Gel


Bird-B-Gone, Inc. has announced the arrival of Bird-OFF Clear Gel; the latest product in their line of high-quality, humane bird control products. Bird-OFF Clear Gel is made from all-natural, environmentally safe ingredients and is safe for humans, birds and animals.

Bird-OFF Clear Gel is the original bio repellent gel created as an efficient and economical means of deterring pest birds. Birds have a natural distaste for sticky things, making Bird-OFF Clear Gel ideal for any surfaces birds may congregate or roost on, including pipes, HVAC units, conduits, I-beams, and ledges. The gel is heat-resistant, non-corrosive and easily applied utilizing a caulking gun. Once in contact with Bird–OFF Clear Gel, birds are presented with a smell and texture they don’t like and are then trained not to touch the gel and not to return to the area.

As a bio-pesticide, Bird-OFF Clear Gel is a humane method of deterring pest birds and can be used by both commercial and residential clients. Bird Off Clear Gel utilizes a three-fold approach; deterring birds with its smell, taste and texture. Upon contact with the gel, birds are still able to fly and walk. The gel does not trap birds on the treated surface and can be easily removed using mineral spirits, a solvent available at most hardware stores.

“Bird-OFF Clear Gel is the original bio repellent gel, and is easily applied,” said Scott Swanson, Bird Control Engineer. “The non-toxic formula doesn’t harm the bird but instead conditions them to avoid the treated area.” 


  • environmentally safe ingredients
  • safe for humans, birds and animals
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