LoggerHead Tools LLC introduces the Bit Dr.™, a new kind of screwdriver that cleverly packs the function of a 21-piece driver set in the weight of one standard screwdriver. The Bit Dr.’s™ ergonomic features set it apart: in addition to 21 driver heads, it offers six driving positions, three length adjustments, an intuitive ratcheting function and fingertip control. Measuring 4 inches long when folded, the Bit Dr.™ is small enough to keep in a pocket, drawer or tool pouch, yet built to last. Like all of LoggerHead Tools’ products, the Bit Dr.™ is made in the United States and has a lifetime warranty. The Cure for Bulky Drivers and Lost Bits Multi-bit screwdrivers that store bits in the handles are often bulky, difficult to hold, work in only one position and typically offer only six double-sided bits. And multi-bit screwdrivers with bits stored separately are inconvenient because the bits are easy to misplace. The Bit Dr.™ solves these dilemmas by creatively stowing 10 patent-pending, double-sided Xtra-Bits™ bits in a removable bit carriage that also acts as a cushioned rubber handle. In use, the Xtra-Bits™ fit into the magnetized bit driver at the end of the shaft, or alternatively into the ratcheting mechanism, or in the pivoting head. The Xtra-Bits™ offer a range of popular driver heads, including slotted, Phillips, hex, square and star, and the bit holder also serves as a female hex. Packed with Ergonomic Features and Configuration Options The Bit Dr.™ can be used in six angled positions along a 180-degree range, including one that mimics a T-handled driver, to gain additional torque and fit into tight spots. The removable shaft can be used independently of the mechanism, and the remaining pivoting hub can be used as a stubby driver. The 4-inch shaft folds into the handle when not in use. The Bit Dr.’s™ free-wheeling/ratcheting mechanism enables users to drive a screw with a thumb and forefinger motion, rather than turning the wrist and forearm. However, when tightening or breaking force is needed, the Bit Dr.™ will automatically engage the ratcheting function using a standard driving motion. The Bit Dr.’s™ ergonomic 5/8-inch thick contoured handle fits comfortably in the palm of a hand and adapts to many more driver applications than cylindrical-handled screwdrivers. Its cushioned, molded rubber handle is flexible and the complete body is ribbed, providing maximum gripping surface for gloved hands. Though it is light and portable, the Bit Dr.™ is durable. All its metal parts, including the hardened bits, are nickel-coated for corrosion resistance and long wear.


* Driver Heads Selection of 21 Slotted, Phillips, Star, Square, Allen (Hex), and Female Hex * Height (when closed) 4 inches, 102mm * Height (when extended) 8 inches, 204mm * Maximum Width 4 inches, 102mm * Weight 6 ounces, 95 grams * Components Hardened steel, nickel plated for corrosion protection * Handle Ergonomic molded glass-reinforced nylon * Technical Meets or exceeds applicable ANSI standards * Manufacturing Quality made in U.S.A. at ISO/TS 16949: 2002 facility * Warranty Lifetime
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