Bluetooth-Enabled Temperature Data Loggers


OCEASOFT has updated its line of Atlas and Emerald data loggers, leveraging the latest technologies for connected objects to offer a high level of service for clients involved with logistics. The new generation products are accompanied by a new version of OCEASOFT’s mobile sensor management application, OCEAView, optimized to meet changing market needs. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android in English, French, and Spanish.


The new smartphone and tablet application geo-tags the new Atlas and Emerald data loggers in real-time, and sends collected data automatically to OCEASOFT’s secure Cloud platform. With this application, delivery truck drivers can now prove their proper handling of the cold chain directly for clients at the time of delivery. The application also includes a feature to monitor data loggers placed with transported products and in a vehicle’s refrigerated compartments using a smartphone’s Bluetooth wireless connectivity. 


Quality managers, and other authorized personnel, can use a web application to access the information collected in the field by the OCEAView mobile application.  Enabling fast response, the Cloud system sends notification of alerts when problems are detected. Data stored on the Cloud can be accessed 24/7, with the possibility to use a connector interface to integrate sensor readings with the client’s information system.


Professionals shipping health products, as well as those involved with the agri-food cold, can also rest assured with Atlas and Emerald certifications to meet needs in their sector. Atlas is compliant with the DO-160 standard for avionics hardware testing, and Emerald received NF EN 12830 certification from Cemafroid, an international cold chain expert. OCEASOFT’s mobile and web applications were all developed to meet the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines, as well as Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for medical products.


The latest generation Atlas and Emerald products offer improved performance and a robust user experience in the field:

  • Bluetooth connectivity has been optimized to handle a large number of data loggers simultaneously.
  • Internal memory in both devices has been boosted to hold 16,000 readings, offering connectionless data logging for periods of several months, such as for maritime shipping.
  • Battery life has been increased, now reaching 1 year for Atlas and Emerald.
  • The temperature range for Atlas modules has been extended, now covering from -30 to +70°C.


Support for Bluetooth connectivity gives Atlas and Emerald modules a real advantage over traditional USB-based data loggers:

  • Reading data through product packaging, thus reducing the risk of human error or false alarms caused by opening to retrieve the data logger.
  • Simple operation with an ordinary smartphone, now prevalent in society, without having to use a full-sized computer to read data.
  • Ongoing information provided to drivers thanks to wireless communication.
  • Automatic retrieval of data at the destination, or upon return, using the OCEABridge data collector/Cloud gateway.
  • Fast and easy data logger programming, in just two seconds, with the OCEASOFT Loading Bench* and reusable mission templates.
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