Boiler Maintenance Tool Removes Membrane and Cladding While Beveling Tubes


A water wall boiler maintenance tool that mounts securely to the tube I.D. for removing membrane, cladding, and beveling simultaneously with minimal vibration is available from ESCO Tool.

The Esco Wart MILLHOG is a boiler tube machining tool with a proprietary membrane and overlay cladding removal head that creates a clean bevel, all in one operation. Featuring a heat-treated draw rod assembly designed with clamps that expand on the mandrel and clamp rigidly to the tube I.D., it machines water boiler tubes from 2 to 3 in. O.D. with minimum vibration.


  • Features:
    • TiN coated cutter blades to machine highly alloyed or high chrome content boiler tubes without using cutting fluids
    • Sealed mandrel to prevent debris from entering the tool
    • Dual opposed tapered roller bearings
    • Pneumatic or electric motors
    • Attached clamping and ratchet feed tools

  • Price: $5,795 (includes with the membrane and cladding removal head and pneumatic motor)
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