Boiler Water Level Gage


A wide angle viewing hood with enhanced optics has made its direct-reading boiler water level gage much easier to view, announced Clark-Reliance Corporation. The new Simpliport® 180 System provides clear and bright viewing of the gage’s bi-color level indication, making it visible at any angle or distance.

The Simpliport gage is installed to meet ASME Boiler Code (Section 1) requirements, which mandate a direct reading gage on all boilers to indicate water level. Until now, such gages would require the viewer to be both within a few feet of the gage as well as directly in its line of sight. The new Simpliport 180 viewing hood vastly improves the visibility of existing gages, with optics that provide bright red and green indication of steam and water level. Anywhere the hood can be seen it can be read, regardless of distance or angle. This feature eliminates the need for mirrors in most applications as well as reduces the exposure of plant personnel to the boiler environment.


  • easier to view
  • bi-color level indication
  • visible at any angle or distance
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