BOLT Hard Hat Accessory System


BOLT is a hard hat system that lets users secure accessories for complete head protection including eye visors/shields, polycarbonate face shields, metal mesh face shields, and a special USB headlamp.


The visors can be used in place of safety glasses with a Z87.1+ rating, feature adjustment points for a comfortable fit, and are treated with an anti-scratch and fog-free coating. The eye visors include a BOLT Low-Profile Headlamp Mount that is compatible with most headlamps. 


The face shields are ANSI Z87.1+ rated with a fog-free and anti-scratch coating. The shield lens can be removed and replaced with the snap-in, snap-out covers. 


The mesh face shield gives users a wide and clear view while protecting them from debris in chipping and cutting applications.


The headlamp features an ultra-thin light head that allows users to raise and lower face shields and visors and delivers 600 lumens of floodlighting. The 70-deg. pivoting light head allows for full illumination for any task.


Designed for all-day use, it has a cam lock-mounted battery pack in the rear for ample maneuverability and security in tight spaces. It features 4 light modes: high, medium, low, and eco, for up to 32 hours of runtime. The battery can be recharged in the headlamp via USB-C or swapped out with additional batteries for virtually no downtime.


Mesh Face Shield:
Stainless steel mesh
Quick attachment & removal
Secures into BOLT Front Slots
Compatible with Milwaukee helmets & hard hats
ANSI Z87.1 rated
Compatible with safety glasses
Includes BOLT Low-Profile Headlamp Mount
14 openings per inch
Secure locking detents

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