Boring Bars offer Plug and Play


Boasting the most effective anti-chatter mechanism ever developed by Kennametal, along with an extensive range of indexable heads and shank sizes, the latest boring system allows a plug and play operation. There's no need for tuning or adjustments—simply pull it out of the package, mount it in the turret, and get boring.


Eliminating vibration and therefore chatter greatly extends tool life, never mind its positive effect on part surface finish. And when tools last longer, they can be pushed harder, with feed rates, cutting speeds, and depths of cut many industry experts once thought unachievable. 


Features include a serrated, bolt-on connection at the bar´s business end that securely clamps a variety of styles and sizes of indexable heads. Better yet, the heads themselves have been put on a diet, with a shorter length and lighter weight that provides greater stability, contributing to the bar´s improved performance. They´re also coolant-fed to precisely direct a stream of high-pressure coolant where it´s needed most. The result is hassle-free chip control together with maximum cooling in the cutting zone.  Most important of all is the internal dampener.


The bars are both vibration and maintenance free. Within the bar there sits a mass that's supported by a pair of elastic supports, inside of which sits a dampening fluid. This mass vibrates at a predetermined frequency during machining, attenuating the natural frequency of the bar around it to suppress vibration. There are no wear components to worry about, nor tuning—as Sam mentioned, you just set it and forget it.


Kennametal supplies machine-specific turret adapters, along with a special split sleeve bushing for maximum rigidity.

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