BraincaveVR Generates Shared Virtual Spaces For Businesses


BraincaveVR enables companies to quickly build web-based virtual reality environments that incorporate real-time collaboration with voice and interactivity within shared virtual space.


The Braincave team specializes in the creation and digitization of real-world assets into VR; as well as the integration of 3D information displays using an array of data sources. These elements converge to facilitate a variety of business applications including asset management, workforce development, data center administration, and remote virtual product demonstrations.


The BraincaveVR platform is open-sourced to customers and its web server can be accessed locally or over a network by wired or wireless virtual reality headsets including Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Vive Pro, and Windows Mixed Reality. A robust scripting language also enables the customization of data and object interaction driven by customer requirements.

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