Brakes for Automated Guided Vehicles


Today’s latest Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) require highly responsive braking and holding power while minimizing battery usage. BXR-LE brakes provide perfectly controlled braking using less power for the demands put on AGVs.


Computer-controlled, wheel-based, and battery-powered AGVs are load carriers that travel along the floor of a facility without an onboard operator or driver. Their movement is directed by a combination of software and sensor-based guidance systems. As a mobile robot, AGVs follow markers or wires in the floor or uses vision or lasers for guided movement. They are most often used in industrial applications to move materials around a manufacturing facility or warehouse.


Because they are unattended and long-term operation is required, power for their uninterrupted operation is important. That is where the BXR-LE brakes excel in these AGV applications.


AGVs must have emergency braking capability as well as have a default brake to hold position when not in motion. The BXR-LE brake is a power-off engaged brake that will hold the AGV in place when not in use. When the AGV must navigate the production floor, the brake is energized which disengages the rotor disc and allows free rotation of the AGV drive wheels. The BXR-LE brake uses 24 VDC for a split second to overcome compression spring inertia to open the brake, then consumes only 7 VDC by using the BEM power control module. This saves battery power and minimizes the number of battery recharging operations needed to keep the AGV in continuous operation. 


When compared to most other electric brakes, the revolutionary BXR-LE design provides just one-third power consumption and heat generation in one-half the overall size thickness.


  • Maximum RPM: 6,000
  • Static friction torque range: 0.044 to 2.36
  • Ambient operating temperature 14 to 104°F
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