Branson GLX Micro Laser Welder


Supporting the need to manufacture smaller and more delicate plastic parts, the Branson GLX Micro Laser Welder uses advanced laser technology and incredibly low clamp force to produce precise, clean, and repeatable welds of superior aesthetic quality and performance. This provides manufacturers with greater design freedom and increased production throughput.


The GLX Micro uses the patented Simultaneous Through-Transmission Infrared (STTlr) laser welding technology, which enables manufacturers to achieve superior weld strength and quality with exceptional speed and flexibility. With STTIr, all lasers are fired simultaneously to heat, melt and bond the component parts along the entire weld surface in 0.5 to 5 seconds, depending on the material and geometric complexity. This method is highly repeatable and stable, helping to increase production throughput.


STTlr eliminates the use of friction which may generate flash and particulates, thereby ensuring smooth and barely visible weld lines can be incorporated into product designs. With STTlr, highly complex 3D contours can be accommodated, allowing designers to create parts for maximum functionality and ergonomic appeal. The GLX-micro offers the industry's lowest clamp force of 1 Newton, enabling the joining of small and very delicate parts, including those with embedded electronics and sensors.


The GLX Micro is cleanroom compatible, has a stainless-steel design, requires no lubricants, and being powered from a remote electrical cabinet that can be positioned outside the production area. To support traceability, production data, including weld depth and clamp force, is available in a range of formats and can be outputted to the manufacturing execution system.


Lift Table Max Speed7.9 ft/s (200 mm/s)
Laser Energy Delivered to The Weld LineUp to 250 W
Communication ProtocolCANopen
Cooling SystemWater and Air Cooled
Data InterfaceUSB, Ethernet
  • GLX captures all the benefits of laser welding: The highest quality, particulate-free welds, Enhanced design flexibility to incorporate 3D contours and sensitive components, and Greater materials compatibility and weld strength
  • Branson´s patented laser welding process, Simultaneous Through-Transmission Infrared (STTIr), is scaled up to weld up to 1m nominally of weld length in 0.5 to 5 seconds.
  • The GLX allows designers to incorporate barely visible, particulate-free weld lines into large part designs for superior aesthetics, maximum performance, and unmatched production efficiency.
  • The GLX is designed to the highest global standards for laser and machine safety.
  • Precise melt-down weld depth control
  • Local, rapid-response technical expertise and repair service supported by Branson´s worldwide network of facilities
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