Brazing Machine


Fusion is pleased to announce the availability of a new machine for brazing and soldering. The Braze Mate 100LS is designed for medium volume applications or short runs of various part styles.  The two station machine offers automatic, timed heat control, with multiple torches attached to a retractable arm.  Rates from 40-70 parts per hour are typical.             

The production sequence begins with an operator who loads the part into a stainless steel fixture mounted to an 18” diameter dial plate.  A deposit of Fusion Paste Alloy is applied to the joint area with a hand-held applicating device.  The operator manually rotates the dial 180° to a locked position. The heat cycle is then activated, automatically positioning the burners in the heat zone.  Oscillating burners eliminate “hot spots” at the assembly joint area. Once joining temperature is reached, the torches automatically retract into idle position, followed by an air and water cooling cycle . The operator then rotates the dial plate 180° back to the load/unload station.  During heating/cooling, a second fixture is loaded and pasted. 


  • automatic, timed heat control
  • multiple torches
  • rates from 40-70 parts per hour are typical
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