Breakthrough Collaborative VR Appliance


The Future Tech CVR appliance is a standardized platform that delivers a high-quality, fully-immersive VR experience.


Easily shared among multiple users, the Future Tech CVR offers companies an ideal solution to help improve project collaboration, training, media content delivery, and even speed to market.


Key Features & Benefits
REAL-TIME COLLABORATION: Latest NVIDIA RTX™ technology enables uncompromised performance with real-time ray tracing.


CUSTOMIZABLE 3D-PRINTED CASE: Expertly-crafted, 3D-printed case is half the size of traditional multi-user VR platforms, making it easy to transport and store. Customize it with your company logos and visuals.


SOUND & TEMPERTATURE CONTROL: Protective features include cross-linked, closed-cell sound reduction foam barriers and solid-state thermal couples.


ACCOMODATES MULTIPLE VISOR TECHNOLOGIES: Use with your preferred visor brand -Oculus, HTC Vive, HoloLens, and more.

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