Breakthrough in Dimensional Measurement and Inspection Technology


The new IM-6000 Series is a revolutionary step forward in the field of high precision dimension inspection. Innovative Pattern Registration and Pattern Search functions provide simplified “Place and Press” measurement operation. The IM-6000 eliminates the need for optical comparators, x-y stages for part positioning, CNC measuring devices, as well as measuring and stereo microscopes.
The unique system has virtually unlimited applications in a diverse range of industrial categories and company sizes. Small to medium size tooling and machine shops to large semiconductor, automotive and aerospace manufacturing, inspection and assembly operations, will benefit from this versatile system.

Using the IM-6000 is quick and easy. Parts to be measured are placed on the IM’s sample tray and the measurement button pressed. No careful positioning of a part is necessary. An Intelligent Pattern Analysis Search System (iPASS) quickly and automatically locates, identifies and measures parts placed anywhere within the units 100mm field of view, thus eliminating the need for an x-y stage. A Part Evaluation Library stores the images, measurement functions and specifications of parts and provides automatic Pattern Search, part recognition and measurement without setup the next time inspection of the same parts are performed. Designed to meet the needs of a broad range of industries, the IM-6000 offers significant cost savings through the reduction of time and labor. The IM-6000 not only increases throughput but also provides a major improvement in the precision and quantity of obtainable data. The system eliminates the tedious setup and measurement time of conventional systems allowing users to begin collecting data in just minutes following setup.
The IM-6000 quickly performs up to 99 distinct measurements with the press of a button. High precision image acquisition and Sub-Pixel processing allows measurement of features that were previously impossible to inspect with traditional dimensional measurement systems. Measurements such as angle, radius, inner/outer diameter, circular and linear pitch are only a small example of the IM’s capabilities. Sophisticated image processing using such functions as least square fitting and abnormal data point removal provides highly accurate and reliable data.

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