Bright & Waterproof Turbo Light™ Panel LEDs


Floyd Bell’s new Turbo Light™ is a small (approx. 1”x1”) IP68 panel-mounted LED indicator with a NEMA 4X seal and revolutionary low-profile design with high-intensity output (up to 2,400 cd/m²).

A special fresnel lens pattern on the indicator effectively distributes the light and the unique design allows it to be seen from the side, offering an impressive 180º dispersion.  In a durable polycarbonate plastic casing, the front-mount panel indicator is tamper-proof.  

The Turbo Light™ is extremely energy efficient as well.  Using a switching power supply, the indicator draws just 30mA.  While many indicators on the market only operate at a specific voltage, the indicator’s universal power supply allows it to operate at various voltages in the 9-30VDC range.  The Turbo Light™ is available in 5 different colors and your choice of quick-connect or screw terminals.


• Small Size - 1.065" Panel Hole • Sleek Appearance - Revolutionary Design • High Intensity - Up to 1,600 cd/m² • Durable - Polycarbonate Plastic Casing • Energy Efficient - 90mA Current Draw • Waterproof - IP68 Rating & NEMA 4X
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