Brush DCT Motor Delivers Higher Performance


A 22 mm diameter motor is the newest addition to the DCT line of Athlonix Brush DC motors. The 22DCT motor has a coreless design with an optimized self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit to deliver higher performance in a compact package.


The 22DCT motor is capable of reaching a continuous torque up to 13.29 mNm at a length of only 32mm. It has the lowest motor regulation (R/K2) compared to similar motors on the market, meaning it has a lower drop in speed at increasing loads. Provides the most powerful motor available at your disposal for various challenging application needs, it also offers efficiency up to 90%.


With an outstanding torque density, the 22DCT motor is an ideal motion solution for battery operated tools.


The motor is available with precious metal and graphite commutation systems with Neodymium magnets inside and is an ideal motor solution for applications such as medical and industrial pumps, drug delivery systems, robotic systems (bionic fingers), miniature industrial power tools, tattoo machines, mesotherapy guns, dental tools, watch winders, and industrial grippers.


 22DCT is also available with a REE coil (Restriction of Electro Erosion) which prolongs the life of the motor and provides an environment of intrinsic safety especially at high speed conditions.


Motor Highlights

  • Ironless construction
  • Neo magnet
  • Graphite commutation
  • Long brush lifetime
  • Compact design
  • Winding possibilities
  • REE windings to reduce electro erosion


Customization Available

  • Shaft lengths
  • Special coils
  • Cable and connectors
  • Ball bearings
  • Fixation holes
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