Brush Motor for Industrial Handheld/Portable Tools


ThinGap LLC, the leader in high power density DC motors, today announced the TGB1710 brush motor for industrial handheld/portable tools. The small size, high torque, and low power consumption of the TGB1710 provide an excellent solution for heavy-duty battery powered applications.
“The rugged TGB1710 brush motor has been field tested in a variety of applications, including professional portable handheld tools, and is proven to deliver rapid acceleration and high torque,” said Shelly Ward, Director of Application Engineering, ThinGap LLC. “Furthermore, the high efficiency of the TGB1710 reduces power consumption to allow more run time between battery charges.”
The 1.7” diameter by 3.3” long TGB1710 brush motor delivers 160 oz-in. peak torque and 183 watts continuous power, yet weighs only 22 oz. The ruggedized brush configuration design withstands the high vibration of portable tools. Brush life is longer than conventional motors because of the unique design and the inherent low inductance architecture of the motor coil. The TGB1710 motor also features smooth, controllable power due to its zero cogging and hysteresis torque.
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