Brushless DC Compressor


The new brushless DC 2450Z Series compressor fromThomas is ideal for medical and other applications requiring a small, lightweight pump (6.8 lbs. vs 9.5 lbs AC Motor) with a higher performance to weight ratio. The 2450Z features a small footprint (8.32” x 6.75” x 4.08”) and an efficient variable output brushless 140V DC motor that conserves power, and energy, by matching the output of the compressor to the application’s requirements.

In addition, the 2450 Series is quiet (50 dB(A) @ 20 psi) and features a balanced stroke design and center-line of gravity mounting to minimize vibration and cost of vibration isolation. The oilless2450 Series is also RoHS compliant and features permanently lubricated bearings, as well as thelong-life, proven performance of Thomas’ WOB-L® piston technology.Maximum flow is 3.3 CFM @ 2200RPM. Maximum pressure is 35 PSIG.


  • ideal for medical and other applications
  • balanced stroke design
  • center-line of gravity mounting
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