Brushless Gearmotor


Designed for applications where connection to an ac line is not possible, INTEGRAmotor low-voltage brushless dc gearmotor and control systems are ideal for solar or battery-powered equipment.


  • Standard 12 VDC and 24 VDC models. All gearmotors are TENV
  • Unvented gearhousing. Lubricated for life. Synthetic lubricant
  • Industrial lip type seals on motor and output shafts
  • Needle bearings throughout for increased radial load capacity and long life
  • All steel helical gears
  • Gearing meets or exceeds AGMA 9 standard for maximum life and quiet operation
  • Control Inputs for run, brake, speed and direction
  • 12 pulse/revolution tach output
  • Dynamic braking for quick stops
  • Current limit protects motor from overload
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