Brushless Rotary and Chiseling Hammers


SDS-Max rotary combination hammers and chiseling hammers are powered by brushless motors to offer greater dependability and longer tool life and runtime. The motors are encapsulated which prevents dust damage and significantly enhances the life of the tool. These new hammers are powerful efficient workhorses, perfect for drilling or demoing concrete.


The rotary hammers have a mechanical safety clutch that reduces the chance of kickback should the bit bind in the work or hit rebar. Plus, both the gear and motor housing are die-cast in aluminum which dissipates heat build-up.


Another key feature of these tools is the MVT (Metabo Vibration Technology) vibration dampening system which includes a central handle to provide relief and help protect the user from damaging vibrations. These hammers are also equipped with a new active vibration-absorbing counter-mass that goes against the hammering piston, absorbing most of the blow-back energy and making these hammers the smoothest running in the industry.

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