BST AGV Model CA2-A3800C


Creform Corporation, a manufacturer of unique products for the design and building of material handling structures and automated guided vehicles has built an AGV and flow rack system for an automotive parts company in Mexico. The AGV Tugger with racks transports powertrain components as they travel between machining to the cleanroom area for assembly. Full carts are delivered, and empty carts are returned.


The BST AGV, Model CA2-A3800C, with a brushless motor, works as an automated tugger and pulls each of the eight flow racks through the system. It can travel up to 50M/min. and has a load capacity of 1,322 lb. (600 kg). The BST Tugger moves along a magnetic guide path and travels approximately 600 ft. It makes a circuit of the route every hour during production over a two-shift operation. The AGV automatically exchanges (drop/pickup) full carts and empty carts during the run. It is manually started to allow flexibility in the operation as the associate can either press a dispatch button on the AGV or remotely start with an optical transmitter. It comes with a manually operated battery exchange to swap the battery at the end of each shift.


All Creform BST AGV Tuggers come with an optical sensor, bumper, E-Stop, audible warning device, and indicator light.


Each of the flow racks is made utilizing the Creform system of 28-mm pipe and joints. They were kitted and assembled onsite by the Creform team. The rack’s dimensions are 63 L x 31 W x 65 in. T. There are four ergonomic levels per cart and each shelf/level is rated for a distributed load of 200 lb. The parts flow down gravity lanes with no packaging. This helps ensure damage-free parts handling and production efficiency. Integral to the flow racks are wear-resistant, stainless steel-covered Creform Placon skatewheel rollers. The carts feature high-quality 6 in. casters to handle the frequent movement of the AGV. The casters also allow an associate to easily move the carts manually for positioning. Each cart also features a special hitch plate to accommodate AGV coupling.

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