BST AGV Tugger CA-250060-NSI-K9


Build for enhanced maneuverability, the BST AGV, Model CA-250060-NSI-K9 works as an automated tugger; it travels along a magnetic tape guide path, slips under the stationary cart, extends a tow pin into the cart’s frame, and then conveys it to a designated workstation or unloading point. It allows manufacturers to hold automotive front-end modules during assembly.


The AGV offers a sophisticated programmable control system and can control 50 courses with up to 128 commands for each. Course programming can be accomplished with a PC or HMI touch screen, and programs can be downloaded via USB memory, ethernet cable, or RF.


The AGV is powered by a 24V system with two 12V AGM batteries. With an optional opportunity charging system that extends off the back as an add-on module, the system provides for optical communication between the AGV and battery charging station. With each circuit of the guide path, batteries are automatically charged by just pulling into the charging station positioned along the route. No human intervention is necessary.


The Category 2 safety features include audible warning and flashing light, obstacle sensor, non-contact laser bumper, and emergency stop.


  • 50 course 128 command control, programming by PC or HMI
  • Onboard RF for traffic management. (Optional)
  • Safety — audible warning and flashing light, obstacle sensor, noncontact laser bumper, and e-stop (emergency stop, temp stop, temp slow, 16 view sets), safety category 2
  • 24 Volt Power — 5 hours of run under capacity load typical. Quick exchange battery tray and quick connector. Auto charge optional
  • Easy access engage/disengage lever
  • Follows magnetic tape guidepath
  • RFID reader for command initiation. Command tapes initiate AGV functions such as speed changes, turns, and extend/retract tow pin
  • Standard 8 bit optical communication device often used for remote starting
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